50 ways to compliment someone


50 ways to compliment someone that have nothing to do with physical appearance…
1. You’re easy to talk to
2. Knowing you makes my life better
3. Your light shines so bright
4. You’re such a good listener
5. You are a great mom
6. You make people feel good about themselves
7. I’m so glad I met you
8. I love how passionate you are
9. You’re a strong person
10. You are so creative
11. You have great ideas
12. You are a great leader, not bossy
13. You make people feel welcome
14. You make me laugh on my worst days
15. You’re so fun to be around
16. You are so understanding
17. I love the way your mind works
18. You make me smile.
19. You give the best advice
20. The world needs more people like you
21. Your passion is contagious
22. You have a beautiful soul
23. You are so talented
24. You inspire me to be a better person
25. You have great taste
26. I love your imagination
27. I love how confident you are
28. You are so genuine
29. I can be myself around you
30. I’m so glad I know you
31. I can always depend on you
32. I’m so proud of you
33. I admire your integrity
34. You tell the best jokes
35. I love your laugh
36. You have an amazing voice
37. You are so kind
38. You’re such a hard worker
39. I appreciate you being there for me
40. You are selfless
41. I can trust you with anything
42. You’re hysterical
43. You are unapologetically yourself
44. You have such a big heart
45. I’m glad you exist
46. You are a positive influence in my life
47. You are super cool
48. You are so brave
49. You’re an amazing speaker
50. You’re glowing and radiant

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